What is Deaf Pah?
Deaf Pah is a program of study for Deaf church servant-leaders.  The goal of Deaf Pah is to help students
•  grow in their knowledge of God's Word, the Bible,
•  understand Christian doctrine, and
•  become effective Bible teachers, church officers, and caring Christian friends.

All Deaf Pah courses use online videos and study guides.  Some courses also use a book which you should buy. 

We designed Deaf Pah for church members and their pastors to work together, as pastors mentor their students with their own insight and experience, and giving students opportunities to apply what they are learning in the church's ministries.  While it is possible to study some of the Deaf Pah courses on your own, we strongly encourage you to ask your pastor to mentor you in your Deaf Pah studies.

What does the word "Pah" mean?
In ASL jargon, "Pah!" is the oral equivalent of a familiar Sign that is listed in Sign dictionaries as "succeed."   "Pah!" is what we usually say as we make that Sign.  We have adopted the phrase "Deaf Pah!" to affirm that Deaf Christians are able to take the role of servant-leaders in their churches.

How much does this program cost?
We offer Deaf Pah lessons for free.   There is a cost to purchase books for some of the classes.  Your main expenses are your time and commitment.   However, the seminary level program is not free.

In what order should I take Deaf Pah classes?  What class should I study first?
Discuss this question with your pastor-mentor.  Click here for our recommended class schedule.

Some of the videos have "DIT" in their titles.  What does DIT mean?
DIT stands for Deaf Institute of Theology.  This was the original name for the Deaf Pah program.   When Concordia Seminary developed the second phase of this program -- training Deaf people for professional ministry as pastors or deaconesses -- they chose to apply the DIT name to the seminary level only.  So we have changed the name for the lay leadership training program it "Deaf Pah!"

What is the connection between Deaf Pah and the Lutheran Church?
The Deaf Mission staff of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod (LCMS) originally created Deaf Pah and DIT specifically for LCMS Deaf congregations.  You can see this connection most clearly in the theology and doctrine classes. 

We have opened access to Deaf Pah course materials to people of all faiths.  However, enrollment in the seminary level Deaf Institute of Theology is limited only to Deaf Christians who are active members of an LCMS congregation.

Is everything I need to learn in the video?  Do I really need to buy the book?
That depends on how much benefit you want to receive from the course.  You can get the main points of the book by only watching the video.   However, when we refer to specific pages in the book, we expect you to read them to get more information than we are able to discuss in the videos.

If you provide the answer keys, why do I need to answer the study guide questions?  And why do I need a mentor?
Your goal for studying any Deaf Pah course is to learn.  We trust you to use the worksheets to test yourself to see what you have learned, and then can check your answers.  Your mentor can offer you further insights, specific feedback, and answers to questions you may have about any of your lessons.

The city where I live has no Deaf church.  Can one of your Deaf pastors be my mentor through email and Video Phone?
Yes, we can offer that service for some of the classes.  Contact our Deaf Pah Director and he will refer to someone who can serve as your mentor.

When I finish a class, will I receive a certificate?
If you want a certificate of completion for any of the Deaf Pah courses, your pastor-mentor needs to send your information to the Deaf Pah Director.